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Alta Plana is a platform for consulting work by Seth Grimes and occasional associates. Starting from the premiss that technological choices must follow from business requirements and organizational dynamics, we help organizations design and implement workable strategies that incorporate appropriate modern data technologies.

Our specialization is in BI, text analytics, sentiment analysis, digital strategy, and social analytics -- in data acquisition, management, analysis, and visualization.

Alta Plana consults to solution providers on:

Alta Plana consults to investors, and to technology companies seeking to add analytics and semantics to their solution stacks, on:

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Seth keynotes conferences and marketing seminars; participates in webinars and podcasts; writes reports (multi-sponsor), white papers (single sponsor), articles, and technical papers; and organizes conferences and events that offer sponsorship and other participation opportunities.

Please contact Alta Plana to learn how you can put our expertise to work for your organization ••• Our data use policy.