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SuperSTAR Analytical Software

SuperSTAR is a powerful yet easy-to-use suite of analytical software tools published by Space-Time Research of Melbourne, Australia. Alta Plana supports the software in North America and provides related professional services including systems architecture, design, software development, and training. We work directly with governmental and private-sector clients, focusing on statistical agencies and market researchers, and through systems integrators.

The combination of SuperCROSS interface and SuperSERVER tabulation engine is the best tool on the market for ad-hoc, exploratory analysis of demographic statistics and is also well-suited for large-scale production of summary statistics. While based on the multidimensional data model common to tools in the OLAP and data- warehousing categories, SuperSTAR provides an uncommon variety of statistical functions and excellent performance with large data volumes.
The suite's SuperWEB module delivers query power to end users via Web browsers without plug-ins or applets. Users can compose, run, and store multi-dimensional tables and view results in table, chart, and map form, the latter through integration with ESRI's ArcIMS mapping server. And the SuperCHANNEL database builder makes it easy to pull data into SuperSTAR from relational databases, SAS datasets, spreadsheets, and flat files: from any ODBC/JDBC data source.

Alta Plana has unique SuperSTAR-related consulting experience. We designed and built the analysis system for the US Census 2000 and advised the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The suite is used around the world; Alta Plana has provided SuperSTAR training and consulting to organizations including the Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, the United Kingdom's Office of National Statistics, the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, and the Scandinavian-sponsored NorBal Project.

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