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Seth Grimes


Decision Support, Intelligent Enterprise magazine Intelligent Enterprise magazine

(Topics I'm developing for future columns seasonal adjustment of time based data; forecasting time based data; and Bayesian estimation for model identification.)


Business Intelligence Roundtable, with Henry Morris (IDC), Nigel Pendse (the OLAP Report), and Philip Russom, Intelligent Enterprise magazine, September 17, 2002.

Making Sense of the Census, Census 2000 overview, Government Technology magazine, September 2001.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Intelligent Enterprise magazine, June 5, 2000: Supply Chain Analytics.

eCRM Evolution, Intelligent Enterprise magazine, November 16, 1999.

Census 2000 Behind the Scenes, Intelligent Enterprise magazine, October 26, 1999.

SuperCROSS Analytical Tabulation Engine (product review), Data Management Review magazine, July/August 1999.

Toward Value-Added Decision Support, Intelligent Enterprise magazine, May 11, 1999.

Object/Relational Reality Check, Database Programming & Design magazine, July 1998.

Intelligent Agents, Database Programming & Design magazine, April 1998.
(Final, edited draft, PDF.)

Modeling Object/Relational Databases, DBMS magazine, April 1998.

The New Face of Data Access, Database Programming & Design magazine, February 1998.
(Final, edited draft, PDF).


BPM Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence? 2003 DAMA Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference, Tuesday, April 29, 2003, Orlando, Florida

Analytical API Update: XML for Analysis & JOLAP, and track chair, Analytics Forum, Enterprise Data Forum (Wilshire Conferences), November 4-7, 2002, Pittsburgh

Judge, Brio Achievement Awards 2002

Technical Case Study: Census 2000 Analysis & Dissemination, Capital Area Business Intelligence Network (CABIN), March 7, 2002

Technical Case Study: Census 2000 Analysis & Dissemination, Data Management Association, National Capital Region (DAMA-NCR), January 8, 2002

Seminar talk: Enterprise Technology in the New Economy, Cognos High Altitude fall-2000 seminar series, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Minneapolis.

panel moderator, Components Best Practices for Scalable Distributed Computing;
speaker, Building Database Components with Object-Relational DBMS Technology, Information Architecture Conference, Chicago, November 4-5, 1998.

A Methodology for Building Database Driven Web Sites, eBusiness World, eBusiness Frameworks track, Boston, September 1, 1998.

Web Enabling Informix Databases and Applications, Washington Area Informix Users Group, Forum 98, February 20, 1998.
(PowerPoint presentation)

Creating Database Driven Internet Sites, Oracle OpenWorld, September 1997.

Creating Database Driven Internet Sites, Informix Worldwide Users Conference, July 1997, and Washington Area Informix Users Group, September 1997.


Web Applications Overview in The Informix Handbook, Informix Press, a Prentice-Hall imprint.

technical editor, Art Taylor's The Informix Power Reference, Prentice-Hall, 1998.