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Categories: DM=Data Mining; DSS=Decision Support System; DW=Data Warehouse; EIS=Executive Information System; MDDB=MultiDimensional DataBase; MDQ=MultiDimensional Query tool; Query=Query tool. The term Managed Query Environment (MQE) is also used for the two types of query tools.
Traditional OLAP systems typically comprise an MDDB with DSS and EIS tools and an API. Relational OLAP is a newer category of systems featuring DSS/EIS tools using an MDQ interface to a relational database. A DW often serves as a back-end storing descriptive information about data (called metadata) and for detailed (and possibly summary) data. (My categories and categorization are, admittedly, somewhat rough. The categorization of products is based on their primary focuses.)
Company Category Products
Decision.ism   acquired by Broadbase
Accrue eBusiness analytics, DM Insight 5 suite, Decision Series
Actuate Software Reporting e.Reporting suite
Alacrity Inc. budgeting, performance tools Alacrity Results Management
AlphaBlox AlphaBlox Enlighten
Alta Analytics DM Netmap
AnswerSets segmentation & sampling tool AnswerSets
Applix, UK MDDB TM1
Arcplan analytical client tools dynaSight, inSight
Ardent Software DW tools DataStage; MetaBroker; Warehouse Directory, Executive
Avoca Systems EIS development environment, MDDB Tiler EIS++
Belmont Research MD graphics; DW tools CrossGraphs, TableTrans
Brio Technology MDQ, reporting, portal, ETL Brio One Suite
Broadbase DW Broadbase, Decision.ism Aclue
Business Objects MDQ, DSS BusinessObjects
Carleton DW tools Passport
Codework DSS, MDDB 3-Way TANGRAM
Compaq DW Tandem NonStop
Comshare EIS, DSS Commander Decision
Corel Query Resero
CorVu EIS, MDQ, Query CorVu
Cognos MDQ, Query Powerplay, Impromptu
CrossZ MDQ QueryObject
DCI Seminars DBs, client-server, DW
Data Dynamics, Ltd. OLAP OLE control DynamiCube.OCX
The Data Warehousing Institute conferences, publications  
Dimension Data Systems EIS, DSS for Essbase Dimension Control
DecisionWorks DSS, EIS TRACK Objects
Dimensional Insight MDQ, reporting DI-Diver, DI-WebDiver, DI-ReportDiver, DI-Atlantis
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC) database indexing/search engine OMNIDEX
EMS OLAP front-end, SDK for MS SQL Server ActiveArchitect, ActiveAnalyst
E.piphany CRM analytics E.5
Evolutionary Technologies DW tools ETI·EXTRACT Tool Suite
Freedom Intelligence database accelerator Freedom Intelligence
Gentia Software EIS/DSS builder Gentia
Geppetto's Workshop DSS, MDQ The Ant Colony
Hewlett-Packard DW Intelligent Warehouse
Hummingbird Communications Query, MDQ, Genio BI/Query, BI/Web, Pablo, DW
Hyperion Software DSS, EIS, MDDB Hyperion Enterprise, Pillar, Essbase, Wired for OLAP
IBM DSS, DW, DM IDS, AS, Visual Warehouse, Intelligent Miner
Influence Software Web MDQ Aperio
Informatica DW, DW tools PowerMart Suite
Information Advantage   (See Sterling Software)
Information Discovery DM The Data Mining Suite, The Knowledge Access Suite
Informix DBMS, DW, MD, MDQ Dynamic Server, Metacube, RedBrick DecisionScape
Infospace DSS SpaceSQL, SpaceOLAP
Intellicube Software AG OLAP components Adapt, Ramsis
Intellidex DW tools Metadata Control Center
Internetivity Java OLAP dbProbe
Intersolv DW middleware DataDirect
Knosys analytical components for OLE DB for OLAP ProClarity
Kenan Technologies MDDB, EIS Acumate (Acumen) employment listings  
Lingo Computer Design MDQ, DSS FISCAL
Lumina Decision Sciences DSS Demos
Management Science Associates Web MDQ BusinessWEB
Maximal Innovative Intelligence MDQ MAX
Mercantile Software Systems DSS, "marketing warehouse" Information Retrieval Engine
Megaputer Intelligence DM PolyAnalyst
Metapraxis EIS, MDQ EKS, Empower
Microsoft MDDB, OLAP API SQL Server, OLE DB for OLAP
Microstrategy EIS, MDQ, DW tools DSS Agent/Server/Architect
Mineshare "turnkey DSS," MDQ MineShare Suite
MIS AG Excel-fronted MDDB Alea
Mobile Software OLAP reporting LSArbor, PrintWorks
NetCube MDQ NetCube
NewGeneration Software DW (AS/400 server) NGS-IQ
Oracle MDDB, EIS Express
Paris Technologies Excel accounting OLAP plug-in PowerOLAP
Pilot Software MDDB, EIS, DM Decision Support Suite
Pick Systems MDDB D3
Platinum Technology Query, DW tools Forest and Trees, InfoBeacon, ...
Pointer Software Query, MDQ, data integration DataHabitat
Portola Dimensional Systems MDQ Coronado
Praxis DW OmniArchitecture Series
Prism   acquired by Ardent Software
Red Brick   acquired by Informix
SAS Institute DBMS, EIS, DW, DM, statistics SAS EIS, MDDB, Warehouse Administrator, Intelligent Miner
SelectStar DSS, MDQ StarTrieve
Seagate Reporting, MDQ, MDDB Crystal Reports, Holos
Sequent DW  
ShowCase DW, MDQ for IBM AS/400 STRATEGY
Silvon DW DataTracker
Software AG DW, Query Adabas
Speedware EIS (embedded MDDB), Query Media, Esperant
SPSS statistics, DM SPSS, Clementine
SRC Software budgeting, financial Advisor series
Sterling Software DW, DW tools, Query, MDQ, Portal EUREKA: Suite
Sun hardware Decision Warehouse
Sybase DBMS, DW Sybase, IQ
Syntell DSS, MDDB Perspectives suite
Systems Techniques DW tools Converge Integrated DW Tool Set
Technal MDDB The Clockwork Motor
Temtec EIS client for Essbase The Executive Viewer, Portable Cubes
WhiteLight Systems DSS, MDQ Analyzer, Server, Net Publish
Vento Software turnkey EIS/DSS, DW VentoSales, VentoMap
White Cross Systems Ltd. DW White Cross Parallel DB Server
Zenia Software MDQ Qbit

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